What You Should Do If You Think
You've Caught a World Record Fish...


If you catch a fish you think may be worthy of a record (e.g., lake, state, line class), the International Game Fish Association has set aside a few tips to ensure your record fish won't get away.

1) Don't delay! Remember, don't delay in weighing your fish. There are a number of elements that may cause your fish to lose valuable weight if you wait too long (The worst mistake is leaving a fish in the sun,which can sap ounces, even pounds, off a fish in no time at all).

2) Weigh your fish. Immediately return to shore and weigh the fish on an IGFA-certified scale. If you don't have a certified scale, drive to your nearest bait and tackle shop, they will most likely have a certified scalefor your use.

3) Take pictures. Photographs are the only way IGFA judges can ensureyour catch is real. Take numerous photos of your fish from as many angles as possible. Also take photographs of your fish being weighed on a scale. Plus, pictures are the best way to convince the toughest judges- your friends!

4) Line samples. IGFA judges require that you send at least 50 ft. of the line used to catch your fish. Testing must be done to ensure the class record of the fish. (Different rules apply for fly records. See IGFA"World Record Game Fish" book for more details.)

5) Entry form. Once you have your pictures and line samples, fill out the official IGFA record form and send in your documents. To obtain a form, call IGFA at 954/941-3474. Be sure and make copies of all materials sent for your records. Send the documents to:

International Game Fish Association

1301 E. Atlantic Boulevard

Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Phone: 954/941-3474