Epoxy Filler for Fairing Large Surfaces


A fairing compound that is easy to shape and sand is ideal when working on large areas. WEST SYSTEMO Brand 410 Microlight filler is a low-density filler that makes smoothing and blending surfaces quick and easy.

Microlight filler mixes easier than other low-density fillers or microballoons. The fairing compound feathers to a fine edge and creates a light, easily worked fairing compound. It should not be used on surfaces subjected to high temperatures.

The epoxy filler cures to a tan color, and WEST SYSTEM recommends using it under lighter paints. Microlight filler is designed to mix with WEST SYSTEM Brand resin and hardeners. For more efficient sanding, the consistency may be thickened.

WEST SYSTEM provides a complete line of epoxy for boatbuilding and repair. In addition to resin and hardener, products include fillers, dispensers, reinforcing materials, application tools and instructional materials.

Microlight filler is available in three convenient sizes. Suggested retail price for a 2-ounce container is $11.50, $23.50 for 5 ounces and $215.05 for 4 pounds.

Contact WEST SYSTEM Inc., PO Box 665, Bay City, MI 48707. Phone: 866-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1374. www.westsystem.com.

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