Multipurpose LED Lamp
Reduces Power Consumption


Reducing power consumption onboard is a priority for many boat operators. To help lower power usage without sacrificing performance, Hella Marine has introduced the EuroLED interior lamp, which harnesses the power-saving benefits of single LED technology through the use of precision optics. This new multipurpose LED lamp combines impressive white light output, durability and energy efficiency.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the EuroLED lamp consumes only 30% of the energy required to run a conventional 10W bulb lamp, saving precious battery power for more critical applications. Advanced MultiVolt technology inside each lamp provides consistent illumination, plus lamp protection, from 9-33 volts DC, for exceptional performance even under severe voltage fluctuations.

Durable, the EuroLED has an ultra long and maintenance-free service life, guaranteeing a cost-effective lighting solution. The lamps are made from high impact acrylic and completely scaled making them impervious to dust and water. They are impact resistant, shock and vibration proof, as well as UV and corrosion resistant in order to stand up to the rigors of the marine environment.

The EuroLED lamps are designed to be surface mounted and are prewired with 8.2' of marine cable to simplify the installation process. Their compact dimensions and extremely low heat radiation make them perfect for cabins, the engine room, lazerette, flybridge, chart table, cockpit, deck and bilge. The lamps are available with either a white or black shroud.

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