Diesel Prime Keeps Fuel Flowing


When air becomes trapped in diesel fuel lines, it restricts fuel flow and can cause hard starts and other engine problems. The Reverso FP-301 Fuel Primer easily purges air from the entire fuel system.

To restore full fuel flow, Reverso's FP-301 pumps diesel from the tank through the fuel lines. As it does, fuel pushes air from the main feeding line, primary filters, any secondary filters and the engine.

Air can enter the fuel system during filter replacement or when an engine runs out of fuel. A fuel primer is valuable for bleeding lines after these occurrences. Under extreme conditions, the primer can also pump fuel through clogged filters to improve their operation.

Reverso fuel primers feature integrated pressure relief valves to protect fuel system components. The valves are factory-set to deliver proper fuel pressure for each manufacturer's engines. Both 12- and 24-volt models are available. Flow direction options are left to right or right to left.

The FP-301 is easy to install and operate. Installation is as simple as splitting a fuel line and connecting each end to the unit. A typical installation places the fuel primer between the tank and the filters and engine. The fuel primer operates by closing its valve, opening the engine's air vent and flipping a switch.Having a small footprint, a Reverso fuel primer fits comfortably in tight spaces. The FP-301 measures 9-5/8" x 10-5/8" x 4-7/8". It has a suggested price of $745.

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