Economical Acrylic Coating Keeps
Growth Off Running Gear


Keeping marine growth off a boat's outdrive does not have to cost hundreds of dollars. Foul Away Outdrive Clear Coat from Clean Seas Company prevents fouling from settling on running gear for less than $50 a year.

Taking just minutes to apply, the foul release coating provides 12 months of effective protection for running gear including the outdrive's housings and rubber boots. In a simple process, a boater just has to mix the acrylic resin, apply two coats and let it dry. After 24 hours, the boat is ready to go into the water.

The easy-to-use coating goes on with a roller, brush or sprayer. Free of acids, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals, the nontoxic compound is completely safe for users and the environment.

Foul Away Clear Coat utilizes Microbiological Enzyme Technology (MET) to prevent barnacles, mussels and other marine growth from attaching to running gear. MET, a patented microbiological hydrolytic enzyme formulation developed by Clean Seas, breaks down the glues secreted by fouling organisms, so they cannot adhere to underwater surfaces.

Without the fouling, boaters will see increased outdrive performance, better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Foul Away Clear Coat also provides a corrosion barrier for propellers, shafts, rudders and other metal surfaces. Clean Seas guarantees the coating's performance with a money-back warranty.

A one-quart container of Foul Away Clear Coating will coat two outdrives for a year. It retails for $45.95 a quart.

Contact Clean Seas Company, 1050 Tallyrand Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32206. Phone: 800- 716-5547 or 904-353-5533; Fax: 904-353-4060.

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