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Xantrex Technology Inc. announced the launch of its XC Series of "smart" battery chargers. Designed primarily for marine applications worldwide, Xantrex XC Battery Chargers have the unique capability to charge up to three different battery types simultaneously and extend battery life by independently controlling the charge profile for each battery bank.

XC Battery Chargers use a new Xantrex charging technology that solves the common problems of overcharging or undercharging batteries. In addition, XC Battery Chargers automatically adjust to a wide range of international AC power sources and have power factor correction, which allows them to operate anywhere in the world.

"Xantrex believes the unique features of the XC Battery Chargers will set them above all competitor products," said Brian Ulrich, Xantrex product manager. "In addition to charging three battery types simultaneously, these chargers include fuse-less reverse polarity protection, IP32 moisture protection and extensive regulatory certifications. Based on the positive feedback we received from our field trials, we know we have a winning product that solves battery-related problems associated with conventional multi-stage, multi-bank chargers."

"The XC, sold mainly through marine retail outlets, is for boaters who need to replace a failed battery charger or wish to upgrade their existing battery charger with newer technology. The unmatched reliability, userfriendly features and unique design make them very attractive."

XC Chargers feature a versatile, drip-proof design that can be used in a wide variety of boating conditions and permits boaters to mount the unit upright on a bulkhead or horizontally on a flat surface. The chargers have a digital display that can be oriented for easy reading regardless of how the charger is mounted, or it can be detached and mounted remotely.

The independently controlled outputs can simultaneously provide a different stage of charge to each battery bank, so a deeply discharged house bank can receive a bulk charge while less discharged starting batteries receive only a float charge. This control, along with independent battery temperature compensation on each bank, eliminates constant under- or overcharging of batteries and results in longer battery life and lower replacement costs.

The XC Battery Chargers are available for a suggested retail price of US$480 for the XC3012 and US$680 for the XC5012 at major retail locations or www.xantrex.com.

Contact Xantrex Technology Inc., 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 4B5. Phone: 604-422-8595; Fax: 604-420-1591. www.xantrex.com.

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