Bright Bottom Paint
Ideal for Trailerable Boats


Trailer boats have specific antifouling needs. To meet those requirements, Pettit Marine Paint offers Vivid, a hard antifouling available in bright colors ideal for trailerable boats.

Vivid's hard finish holds up to the wear-and-tear from frequent loading and unloading and remains effective in and out of the water indefinitely. The antifouling can be burnished to an extremely smooth surface to increase performance, making it perfect for trailer boats, as well as performance, racing and sail boats.

Because a trailered boat is out of the water more than a moored craft, its appearance is especially important. Vivid is available in bright, clean colors, including white. With six base colors- white, yellow, blue, black, green and red-boaters can create 24 exciting hues by using Pettit's convenient color card.

Using dual biocides, copper thicynate and biological boosters, Vivid fights fouling and provides maximum protection against slime. The multiseason coating is easily applied with a roller and can be used on fiberglass, wood or aluminum and over most existing antifouling. Its environmentally friendly formula meets all air pollution regulations.

Vivid from Pettit Marine Paint retails for $160 per gallon. Contact Pettit Marine Paint, 36 Pine St., Rockaway, NJ 07866. Phone: 800-221-4466.

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