Whether using a RIB as a tender or the main craft, boaters need effective VHF communications while on the water. Designed specifically for RIBs, the 5415 Galaxy VHF antenna from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group helps boaters stay connected.

Shakespeare's 2', 3dB gain antenna is ideal for applications requiring a short overall length. The stainless-steel whip antenna has a combination base -load/ center-load design to avoid excessive whipping action. For easy installation and removal, the 5415 has a unique, water-tight, solderless connector at the base. The attractive antenna has a durable, black finish.

Galaxy antennas are designed to provide high performance in a package that boasts durable construction and a beautiful finish. Each antenna features innovative electrical engineering and is hand assembled using only the best materials.

A PL-259 connector, 20' black RG-58 coaxial cable and an L bracket for mounting are included. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, the Galaxy 5415 from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group retails for $142.95.

Contact Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 3801 Westmore Dr, Columbia, SC 29223. Phone: 803-227-1590; Fax: 803-419-3099. www. shakespeare-marine.com.

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