Photo by Robert Sloan

These bronze battlers have no other equal in the bays for the ability to brutishly pull until your arms are worn out and your drag is smoking.

While bottom fishing with dead bait, such as mullet or shrimp, are sure fire ways to catch redfish around slough inlets and rivers, they readily take to artificials, both plastics and topwaters, just about anywhere within their far ranging territory.

What is redfish territory? They like mud, sand, coves, grass and all of these in combination. You might find large pods of reds just about anywhere, including under working birds. The reds might be feeding alone or they may be sharing space with trout feeding that are feeding on the surface.

If they are feeding with trout, reds will be lower in the water column and a worm with a heavier weighted jig head such as as 3/8 oz. will rapidly sink through the trout zone so you can quickly get down to real business.!

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