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Books for the Outdoorsman...


Power Boating: The Great Ideas Book (1995) by William Carpenter. Gemini Marine Publications, San Antonio, TX. 261 ppg with index. How to buy and sell, equip, trailer, operate, maintain, store, and insure your powerboat successfully.


The Complete Guide - Southwest Camping (1994) with Dave Ganci. Foghorn Press, San Francisco, CA. 459 ppg with index. Features more than 850 campgrounds in Arizona and New Mexico. Ideal for tenters, car campers and RVers.


Wild Fish & Game Cookbook - (Oct 1997) John Manikowski. Artisan. ISBN: 1-885183-50-X. Manikowski is the former co-owner of two popular restaurants that both specialized in serving wild game. His recipes are always elegantly simple, calling for basic and and fresh ingredients such as chopped herbs, cracked black peppercorn, spring onions, and juniper berries.

The Wild Fish & Game Cookbook is accompanied by full-color photographs and wildlife illustrations. 192 ppg, 100 recipes. $35.00.


Fly Fishing the Texas Coast; Backcountry Flats to Blue Water (1999) by Phil Shook, Chuck Scates and David Sams.
The 360-mile long Texas coast is a saltwater angler's paradise. From the marshes and bayous along Galveston Bay to the warm waters of the Laguna Madre, this books describes the most productive flats, estuaries, shorelines and surf for the sport. Note: This book provides an excellent resource for any saltwater fisherman.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Flyfishing, (1993) by Silvio Calabi. Henry Holt and Company, 115 W. 18th St., New York, NY 10011.
A complete A-Z of terminology, tackle and techniques.


The Complete Book of Flyfishing (2nd edition1993) by Tom McNally. Ragged Mountain Press - Cambden Maine.
Excellent reference book for both fresh and saltwater flyfishers. Plenty of illustrations and how to.
Fly Fishing for the Compleat Idiot (1995) by Michael Rutter. Mountain Press Publishing Co., Missoula , MT.
Do you long to catch fish on flies but more often hook willows, tree trunks or your own ear? Do you blush at the idea of nymphing or reel when when talk turns to double tapers, shooting head, and sinking tips? The Fly Fishing for the Compleat Idiot is for you. This fully illustrated instructional guide, with its straight talk and irreverent humor, will teach you to cast, catch fish, and have fun a you master the art of flyfishing. (Michael Rutter)
Dances with Trout (1994) by John Gierach. Simon & Schuster.
The author roams the globe in search of good fishing and even better fish stories. He writes about fishing for trout in Alaska, for salmon in Scotland, and for almost anything in Texas. 205 ppg. In this book 18 are put down on paper in the inimitable Gierach style. A real treat for all types of fishermen.
Even Brook Trout Get the Blues (1992) by John Gierach. Simon & Schuster. 223 ppg.
As only he can, John Gierach writes abut the hard life of a brook trout in the rockies; bamboo versus graphite rods, hog holes, secret streams and poachers and of course the sport, or is it religion? - of fly-fishing.

Salmon on a Fly (1992) by Lee Wulff. Simon & Schuster. 222 ppg with index. "One of my most exciting and gratifying experiences was fishing with Lee Wulff. He was a master fisherman and teacher. Reading Salmon on a Fly is a great pleasure." - Jimmy Carter

Flyfishing Tips, Techniques & Strategies from the Experts (8/98) Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.; 128 ppg.
Simply put this is one of the best how to's for flyfishing I've come across. Nothing on saltwater, however, there's many techniques and strategies that cross over. It will brush you up on all the key elements you need to successfully throw fly and it starts by going over all of your equipment. Some you'll need to buy new and some you will need to fix. Then it goes into detail on fly selection and reading the water. Also provides tips on reading the water, wading and improving fishing trip photography.


Fishing for Dummies - by Peter Kaminsky. IDG Books Worldwide. How, when, and where to catch fish, explained in plain english. Includes foolproof recipes to cook your catch of the day.

The Untamed Coast - (1995) by Peter Jenkins. Rutledge Hill Press, Nashville, TN. Pictures and stories from the Gulf Coast collected by Jenkins on his cruise of the shoreline from the Florida Keys to Seadrift, Texas. The people, places, photographs and events recorded truly capture the essence of this vast region.

The Complete Guide to North American Freshwater Game Fishing (1992) by Henry Waszczuk and Italo Labignan. Publishers Group West, Emeryville, CA. 192 ppg, 120 color photos, 30 line drawings. North America offers the finest and most varied freshwater fihng n the world. As a result, angling for freshwater fish has become aboomig leisure activity or millions of people of all ages. This book profiles 32 popular game fish found throughout North America. The authours looked for size, availability, and the fighting qualities that make this sport such an exciting challenge.

Saltwater Gamefishing - Offshore and Onshore (1992) by Peter Goadby. International Marine Publishing, Cambden, Maine. 330 ppg. Heavily illustrated guide to offshore fishing world wide. Tackle, bait, technique, where to, how to, knots, tournaments are all covered. If you fish offshore, this is a must for your library.

Southeast Guide to Saltwater Fishing & Boating (1993) by Vin T. Sparano. International Marine. Although the areas covered by this book are from Virginia to Florida (both sides), many of the chapters are useful to fisherman everywhere - hooks, knots, radios, etc. 366 ppg with index. Heavily illustrated. Also several articles included from Gulf Coast Fisherman's Florida editor Herb Allen.

Shore Ecology of the Gulf of Mexico by J. C. Britton and Brian Morton. University of Texas Press, Austin. 387 ppg with index. If you want to look beneath the surface of the water for a complete understanding of the "why things are and how they got to be that way", you'll find this a vast treaure. While it is not specifically for fishermen, you'll find plenty of information on bait, reefs and shoreline structure that will increase your knowledge of your surroundings on the water, which can translate to more fish!

Shark Attacks by Alex MacCormick. (July 1998) St. Martin's Paperbacks. If you're concerned with going in the water because of the fear of sharks, this book is not for you. The author fills 240 pages with account after account of brutal shark attacks that have occurred around the world. Quite a surprising number from the U.S. coast if you haven't been keeping track.


Mulletheads - (Available nationwide: June 1998) by Michael Swindle. Crane Hill Publishers, Birmingham, AL (800) 841-2682.
In 1984 a fish flew across the Florida state line. It was a 1 pound, 13 inch mullet. It was a 1 pound, 13 inch mullet. When it landed in Alabama the first Annual Interstate Mullet Toss was spawned alongside a curious cult-following of Mulletheads. Thirteen years later Michael Swindle, in a may 1997 Village Voice article, serves up this southern-fried phenomenon in Crane Hill Publisher's new release: Mulletheads: The Legends, Lore, Magic and Mania Surrounding the Humble but Celebrated Mullet.

From local lore to delectable recipes, Swindle records the ebbs and flows of mullet madness and the coastal characters responsible for bringing this curious fish to the table. Using colorful vignettes as entertaining and evoking as its sujects are outlandish and whimsical, Swindle explores mullet history, recipes, folklore, and even the best techniquess for tossing them. Evidentally, it's not by the tail.

Incredible Fishing Stories (1994) by Shaun Morey. Workman Publishing Company, Inc. 143 ppg. Offers a wide variety of truly incredible stories collected from guides and sources around the world. Many are indeed humorous but others are tributes to remarkable trips and fishermen.


Texas Hunting and Fishing - (Oct 1997) by Luke Clayton. Taylor Publishing Company, 1550 W. Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75235 (214) 819-8100. ISBN: 0-87833-967-1. 176 ppg.

The book provides practical information not only on hunting and fishing basics, but on issues faced by many Texas outdoorsmen, such as negotiating a deer lease or finding public land. In the process, Clayton, a veteran hunter and Texas native, takes readers sporting for wild hogs in East Texas, fishing for trophy stripers in the Red River, hunting big bucks out on the western edge of the "Edwards Plateau, and adventuring for sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Includes little known hunting and fishing spots, names and numbers of fishing guides and outfitters, pointers for finding your way through the woods, tracking game, and tips for turning fresh game into delectable meals.

Coastal Tips & Trips (1989) John L. Barnes. If you fish the Port O'Connor, Texas area, you will enjoy this book, if you can find it. Plenty of good stories and reminesces on fishing this prime area. Barnes still lives in POC - might find him in the phone book for a lead on it.


The Compleat Tennessee Angler by Vernon Summerlin and Doug Markham
This is the only book available that discusses how to catch fish year-round from all of Tennessee's lakes based on the advice of first-rate Tennessee fishermen. It is an unprecedented 400-page how-to and where-to book with detailed information about each lake from guides and expert anglers prepresenting more than 1,000 years of angling knowledge. Appendices include color photos of popular artificial baits and rigs, list of guides,
maps, and more.
The Tennessee Outdoorsmen Cookbook by Jimmy Holt and Vernon Summerlin
After thirty years of hosting The Tennessee Outdoorsmen television show and writing outdoor stories for the Nashville Tennessean, Jimmy Holt has teamed up with outdoor/travel writer and radio personality Vernon Summerlin to create The Tennessee Outdoorsmen Cookbook. Here readers will find hundreds of recipes for preparing fish, game, and companion dishes along with Jimmy's and Vernon's anecdotes and tips on fishing, hunting, and cooking.
The cookbook features many special ways to prepare favorite fish and game, from smoking and grilling to cooking in old-fashioned Dutch ovens and modern ovens. Some recipes are family heirlooms. Many recipes were sent in by viewers, listeners, and readers, who include their own stories, adding more flavor to the mix.
From soup to desserts and all the trimmings, here is the best cookbook from the best outdoor cooks in the South.


The Kingfish Bible - (1994) by Joe Richard. Saltwater Specialties. 21 chapters on kingfishing. If you want to catch bigger kingfish, this is a must!


Hook, Line and Sinker, (July 1994) by Gary Soucie. Owl Books- Henry Holt and Company, 115 W. 18th St., New York, NY 10011. Everything you need to know about hooks, sinkers, swivels, lines, leaders, lures and knots to catch more fish in fresh or saltwater.