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Ready Throw Cast Net

Here's a little trick that makes getting a cast net out of storage much easier. When you suddenly see a school of bait, your cast net can be ready to throw much more quickly if it's organized and not tangled.

Keep each cast net in it's own bucket, drilled with lots of 3/8" holes in the sides and bottom. The holes will help the net dry out in storage and keep it from rotting. The trick to getting the cast net out quickly and easily is in the way you store the net in the bucket:

Hold the net as if you were picking it up to throw it, letting it hang straight with the tether loop around your wrist, the line coiled in your hand and the throat of the net grasped in the same hand.

Double the net as you would normally prepare to load it. Lower the net, lead first, into the bucket. Keep your hand grasped around the net.

When the net is in the bucket, pull the loop off your wrist and down over the doubled net, the throat and the coil of line that are still in your hand. Pull the loop tight to hold all in place.

To remove the net from the bucket, grab the net again at the throat and double section, along with the coiled line, and pull the loop over your wrist.

The net is ready to load and throw!

Steve Hicks

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