Make a Chum Decoy



When attempting to capture live bait, Sabiki rig's may be all that is required to fill your livewell. On other days, the most desirable baitfish steadfastly refuse such offerings. When this happens, the following technique may be used. It's messy, but effective:

First, tie on a one-ounce swivel sinker to an 18" section of eight to 12 pound test mono. Tie a dropper loop about halfway down and attach a 12" section of similar size mono to the loop. Tie a small no. 10 gold hook to the end of the 12" section. On the opposite end of the 18" section, tie on a no. 1 treble hook. Attach your main line, to the treble, as well.

To use the rig, smash a baitfish and impale it on the treble. Adding a sliver of bait to the gold hook works, too.

The smashed baitfish creates a mini chumslick that attracts boat to the rig, which will quickly locate the gold hook.

- Steve Hicks

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