Flying Fish -

PRIMO Tuna Bait!


When fishing for jackpot winning tuna, I found that flying fish work wonders on bruising yellowfin tuna. A flyer needs to have its wings extended so that it skips on the surface and looks like a flying fish taking flight.

To do this, flying fish are frozen with toothpicks extending their pectoral "wings" to become primo tuna bait.

To make one extend the fish's pectoral wing out inserting a toothpick under the fin's skin starting from its outer tip and going down the entire length of the wing. Next do the other wing the same way. The toothpick is not visible giving the flyer a lifelike appearance.

Simply place the flying fish and its extended pectoral wings in the freezer until hard frozen and ready to use.

Now you can bridle the bait like your normally would through the eye sockets or hook directly into the back.

- Steve Hicks

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