Quick Tips for Kingfish


Tips Fit for a King
There are as many opinions on the best way to catch kingfish as there are boats chasing them. But from pros to pleasure boaters, here a few tips everyone can put to use:
Hard Bottom/Warm Water:
A good kingfish spot is almost always where hard bottom, high structure and 69 to 72 degree water meet. Once you find this spot start drifting or trolling. Don't anchor because then you won't cover enough water to know whether or not you're on the best spot.
Go Light:
Use light tackle in the 12 to 20 pound range with 4/-0 or smaller hooks. You might not boat every fish but your live bait will stay live and frisky longer since it doesn't have to drag around a hook and rig that weighs as much as it does.
Don't be a Drag:
Kings will rip lots of line off your reel on high-speed runs. Let them take all they want, but use a reel with a high gear ratio so that you can gain the line back quickly.
Matching Up:
Match your rod type to your body type. If you're under 6' use a rod under 6' , and if you're tall use a longer rod.

- Steve Hicks

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