One Handed Boat Launching

I'm constantly visiting boat ramps always looking for some place new. People are always awed of how easy I can load my boat back on the trailer without any assistance. The trick to one handed boat loading is using something I call the Magic Mono.

I attach 300 pound mono to the switch on the top of the trailer's power winch via a crimp, then run it back the full length of the trailer. Crimp the mono around the trailer's frame or a roller stand. Make it snug, but not too tight.

The next time you pull your boat up to the trailer, hook up the switch cable and simply pull on the mono. This will engage the winch, pulling the boat up the trailer. No more running back and forth to the winch stand while the wind is blowing the stern of the boat off-center. It makes you look like a pro at the winch.

-Steve Hicks

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