Shakedown Cruise List for Inboards


Engine Tips

If it's been awhile since you last ran your inboard, here are a few things to check before you leave the dock:

* Battery fluid levels (if applicable) and state of charge

* Engine zincs; replace any that are half gone

* Expansion tanks for proper coolant level

* Hoses for cracks, leaks and soft spots, hose clamps for tightness

* Drive belts for proper tension

* Exhaust outlets, underwater and through hull fittings, and engine room air vents for obstructions

* Air filters for cleanliness and obstructions

* Oil levels in engines and marine gears

* Oil pressure gauges; at startup, with the controls in neutral and throttle at minimum rpm. Make sure both the engine's and transmission's gauges begin to come up within 15 seconds - if not, shut down the engines and call a mechanic.

* For any leaks or unusual sounds with the engine(s) running.

* All instruments for readings during a short shakedown cruise

* Engine and transmission oil levels after your shakedown cruise

- Steve Hicks

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