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BoatU.S. Helps Mexico Bound Boaters


Insurance Tips for Trailering or Cruising South of the Border...

Mexico's auto and boat insurance requirements can make a south-of-the-border cruising or trailering adventure intimidating. But with the help of a partnership between BoatU.S. and a Mexican insurance specialist, recreational boaters can fish the Baja or cruise the Mexican Gulf with fewer worries.

"The biggest challenge to south-of-the-border trailer boaters has been finding a trustworthy insurance provider," said Jim Nolan, vice president, BoatU.S. Marine

Insurance. "Now anyone can get this coverage easily by going to and clicking on 'Policy Info.' We've done all thehomework to ensure that you'll get a highly rated and competitive policy from a local insurer that will make your Mexico trailer boating worry free," said Nolan.

Boaters bound for Mexico have three types of insurance needs. The first is hull coverage issued by an American insurer. While not mandated in Mexico, hull coverage reimburses the owner for damages or theft of the vessel. Also keep in mind that most U.S. boatinsurers require that you call to secure an "extension" that includes Mexican waters - except for BoatU.S. Bass Boat policies, which include this automatically.

Secondly, vessel liability coverage, which must be issued by a Mexican insurance provider, covers personal injuries and property damage.

Lastly, automobiles and trailers also require liability insurance issued by a Mexican insurer, as well as extensions from your U.S. insurance company.

If you have an accident in Mexico, local law requires proof of financial responsibility, which is done by showing authorities your Mexican insurance policy. Without proof, or if you don't have a Mexican policy, your boat and vehicle can be impounded until it is proven you were not at fault.

BoatU.S. ­ Boat Owners Association of The United States ­ is the nation's leadingadvocate for recreational boaters providing its 600,000 members with a wide array of consumer services including a group-rate marine insurance program that insures nearly a quarter million boats; the largest fleet of more than 500 towing assistance vessels; discounts on fuel, slips, and repairs at over 800 Cooperating Marinas; boat financing; and a subscription to BoatU.S. Magazine, the most widely read boating publication in the U.S. For membership information visit or call 800-395-2628.

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