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This is an index to the back issues of Gulf Coast Fisherman magazine where you will find great saltwater fishing articles about the Gulf Coast. Not all issues have been listed but will in time. Our saltwater fishing articles are loaded with plenty of "how to and "where to" and are by some of the best writers on the Gulf Coast and a number of those listed have active links for your reading pleasure.

Gulf Coast Fisherman is quarterly, therefore, articles are generally directed to the seasons; if you will allow there are seasons on the Gulf Coast. The months covered by each issue are as follows:
  • Winter Issue - Jan-Feb-Mar
  • Spring Issue- Apr-May-Jun
  • Summer Issue - Jul-Aug-Sep
  • Fall Issue - Oct-Nov-Dec

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Fall 2006
Trout and Tides; Winds of Change - Fishing After Katrina; A Cajun Sleigh Ride; Pro Poling Tips; Rod & Reelin: A Mesh of Squid; Equipment Notebook: Fuel Filters; Bay Naturalist: Things that Glow; Tackle Time: Space Age Rods; The Bait Hook: Reds to Remember; Gulf Coast Closeup: New Port Richey, FL - A Snowbird's Roost
Summer 2006
Reds and Tides; Bulls on the Fringe; Espiritu Santo Bay; Summer Beach Bash; Rod & Reelin: Dragonfly and Butterfly Jigs; Equipment Notebook: Sonar Installation; Bay Naturalist: Learn the Heat Trick; Tackle Time: Your Friend the Wading Boot; The Bait Hook: Waterfront Characters; Gulf Coast Closeup: Found - Paradise at the Chandeleurs
Spring 2006
Intracoastal Trout; On the Flats; Cobes in the Sound; Amberjack!; Equipment Notebook: Safety Equipment; Rod & Reelin: Hook Sharpening Techniques; Bay Naturalist: Getting to Know Seaweed; Tackle Time: Hook - One or Three?; The Bait Hook: False Advertising; Gulf Coast Closeup: Indianola, Texas - Good Fishing, Then and Now
Winter 2006
Intracoastal Reds; East Galveston's Big Trout Fiesta; Pro Tips for Winter Reds; Advanced Pier Techniques; Equipment Notebook - Fuel System Maintenance; Rod & Reelin: Surgeon Loops 101; The Bay Naturalist: Saltwater Escargot; Tackle Time: Spin vs. Cast; The Bait Hook: Hindsight is Always 20/20; Gulf Coast Closeup: Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast (with Capt. Charles Wilson)
Fall 2005
Sheepshead in the Marsh; Playing the Blues; Spillway Surprises; Matagorda's Tripletail; Schooling Reds; Rod & Reelin: Give the Fish a Smile (Blade); Equipment Notebook: Boater Lube Essentials; Bay Naturalist: Shifting Sands; Tackle Time: Get Down (to the fish); The Bait Hook: Just Passing Through; Gulf Coast Closeup: Fishing With a Knight
Summer 2005
Hideaway Tripletail, Snapper Time, Outfitting a Carolina Shallow Water Skiff, West Delta's Snapper, Equipment Notebook: Boat Washdown Installation; Rod & Reelin: The Spinnerbait Jig; The Bay Naturalist: Sashimi Grade; Tackle Time: Three's All You Need; The Bait Hook: Watermelon, Baseball and Trout; Gulf Coast Closeup: Tampa Bay Guide Capt. Chet Jennings.
Spring 2005
Flounder Secrets, Double Down on Dog River, Port O'Connor on the Fly, Speck-Ology, Equipment Notebook: Installing Courtesy Lights; Rod & Reelin: AJ's & DJ's; The Bay Naturalist: Managing the Pasture; Tackle Time: Flying Flounder; The Bait Hook: The Well Dressed Fisherman; Gulf Coast Closeup: Matagorda, Texas.
Winter 2005
Equipment Notebook: Rod & Reelin: The Bay Naturalist: The Drum Line; Tackle Time: The Bait Hook: Gulf Coast Closeup:
Fall 2004
Cobe's on the Flats; Port Mansfield; Autumn Reds; Fly Feeding Flounder; Equipment Notebook: Bay Naturalist: Micro-Menaces; Rod & Reelin: Offshore: Hide that Sinker; Equipment Notebook: Boat Stereo Installation; Tackle Time: Modern Classics of Fly Fishing; The Bait Hook: Lady Luck and YL's; Gulf Coast Closeup: Lake Pontchartrain's Grass Beds
Summer 2004
Going Skinny with Flats Boats; Green Light Nights; Puddling the Bayous; Chunking for Snapper; Rod & Reelin': Make a King Stinger; Equipment Notebook: Working with Polymer; Bay Naturalist: Shoreline Salad Bar; Tackle Time: Supersized Reels; The Bait Hook: A Closer Look at Dream Boats; Gulf Coast Closeup: The Chandeluer Isles - A Favorite Destination
Spring 2004
Kayaking for Reds & Trout; Jetty Jewels - Essential Jetty Tactics; Diverse Springtime Action in Mississippi; Delta Snapper; Rod & Reelin': Make a Swim Disk; Equipment Notebook: Wheel Bearing Basics; Bay Naturalist: Match the Hatch; Tackle Time: Shake, Rattle and Roll; Bait Hook: Type Casting Fish; Gulf Coast Closeup: Charlotte Harbor Grand Slam
Winter 2004
Galveston Trout Tactics; Wading Lake Calcasieu; Tampa Bay Specks; Song for a Winter's Night; Rod n Reelin': Connecting Mono to Spectra; Equipment Notebook: Make a Reel Spooler; The Bay Naturalist: The Land Crab; Tackle Time: Essential Wadefishing Accessories; The Bait Hook: True Lies; Gulf Coast Closeup: Steinhatchee, FL - Along Florida's Nature Coast.
Fall 2003
Rollover Fish Pass
Summer 2003
Spring 2003
Paddling the Panhandle; Topwater Time in Louisiana; Drifting for Drum; Mississippi's Offshore Gems; Rod & Reelin': The Belly-Up Rig; Bay Naturalist: Music for the Teeth; Equipment Notebook: Six Quick Boating Tips; Tackle Time: Got Shrimp?; The Bait Hook: Triple Tales; Gulf Coast Closeup: Matagorda Bay - East & West with Capt. Bill Pustejovsky
Winter 2003
Louisiana Marsh Madness; Industrial Strength Trout; Barrier Island Bulls; Tampa Bay's Cold Weather Shark; Tackle Time: Classic Saltwater Flies; Bay Naturalist: Oyster Time; Rod & Reelin': Offshore Reels - Setting the Drag; Equipment Notebook: Trailer Tune-up; Bait Hook: False Casts; Gulf Coast Closeup: Laguna Madre's new World Record Trout
Fall 2002
Summer 2002
Spring 2002
Cobia Craze; Springtime Specks; Custom Cast Nets; Try a Fly; Tackle Time: Walkin' the Dog; The Bay Naturalist: The Hermit and the Fiddler; Rod & Reelin': Rigging for Cobia; Equipment Notebook; Boater's Essential Toolkit; The Bait Hook: Far Away Places; Gulf Coast Closeup: Lake Calcasieu & Turner's Bay
Winter 2002
Fall 2001
The Delta's Deepwater Flounder; Saddle Blanket Strategy; Biloxi Marsh Bonanza; Tackle Time: Bass Tactics on Saltwater; The Bay Naturalist: The "Other" Crab; Rod & Reelin': Rigging for Deep Water; Equipment Notebook: Simple Motor Maintenance; The Bait Hook: Warden Woes; Gulf Coast Closeup: Pass Christian, MS - Gateway to Action
Summer 2001
Ultimate Bay Stealth; Trophy Snapper; Trip...Trip...Tripletail; Tackle Time: Hot Rods; The Bay Naturalist: Getting to Know the Players; Rod & Reelin': Camo Rigging For Kings; Equipment Notebook: Build a Casting Console; The Bait Hook: Close Encounters; Gulf Coast Closeup: Mexico Beach, Florida - From Reefs to Riches

Spring 2001

Winter 2001
Off-Season Chandeleurs; High Powered Cobia; Treasure of the Laguna Madre; Fishing & Aging; Tackle Time: Anti-Backlash - Does it Work?; Offshore Log: Snapping at Shrimpers; Rod & Reelin': Snap-On/Off Sinkers; Equipment Notebook: Build a Rod Carrying Case; Gulf Coast Closeup: The Coastal Bend's Shamrock Cove
Fall 2000
Galveston's East Bay; Venice's Suburban Specks; Mobile's Fabulous Fall Flats; Inside the Inlets; Redfish on Top; Tackle Time: The Corpus Pet; Offshore Log: End of an Era; Rod & Reelin': Rigging Soft Baits; Equipment Notebook: Trailer Light Maintenance; Gulf Coast Closeup: Corpus Christi's Oso Bay
Summer 2000
Spring 2000
Louisiana's Early Cobia; Talking Trout; Galvestons' Spring Flounder; Plastic Revolution; Hybrid Lures; Tackle Time: Common Sense Safety; Offshore Log: Return of the Red Snapper; Cook's Guide: Tolerable Trout; Equipment Notebook: Installing a Rod Holder; Gulf Coast Closeup: Apalachicola, Florida - The Land Beyond.
Winter 2000
Snooping for Snook; Pipeline Specks; Towpwater Bonanza; East Bay Potpourri, The Reel Story; Tackle Time: Float Rigging; Offshore Log: Dealing for Diesels; Equpment Notebook: Refinishing Teak; Bait Hook: Remembering Roger; Cook's Guide: Flatfish Classics; Palacios, Texas - The City by the Sea.
Fall 1999
Flounder Attack!; Louisiana's Fall Kings; Mansfield Flats; Going Long for Specks; Skinny Water Reds; Tackle Time: Takin' Care of Business; Offshore Log: Fall of (NO) Snapper Fishing; Cook's Guide: Simply Soup; Equipment Notebook: Build Your Own Baitwell; Bait Hook: Immortality; Gulf Coast Closeup: The Norm Bait
Summer 1999
Sabine's Super Specks; Coastal Shark; Love Those Trashy Tripletail; Fish Eye View; Choosing a Tackle Box; Offshore Log: Fishery (Mis) Management; Cook's Guide: Louisiana Favorites; Equipment Notebook: Rewiring Your Boat; Bait Hook: Fishing for Strippers...; Gulf Coat Closeup: Bekki Ludlum, Alabama's Spanish Mackerel Queen
Spring 1999
Coastal Jetties, Rig Tactics - Other Ways & Means, Fish the Wind, Gulf Fishing Light, Tackle Time: Your Leader, Offshore Log: The Year in Review, Cook's Guide: Classics Considered, Equipment Notebook: Communication Gear, Closeup: Yankeetown, Florida.
Winter 1999
Sabine Reds, Deep and Shallow, Topwater Tactics (Trinity Bay), Inshore Rigs, Tackle Time: Dance a Jig, Offshore Log: Snapper Snafu, Cook's Guide: Saltwater Favorites, Equipment Notebook: Basics of Shrimping,
Gulf Coast Closeup: Morgan City, Louisiana - Take a trip to Bayou Country!
Fall 1998
Pro Jetty Tactics for More Reds & Trout, Mississippi's Sundown Specks, Calcasieu River Ship Channel, Fickle Flounder, Tackle Time: Sinkers, Offshore Log: Repowering Blues, Cook's Guide: Recipes for the Fall, Gulf Coast Closeup: Florida's Ten Thousand Islands, Equipment Notebook: Survival Guide
Summer 1998
The King & You; Beat the Heat; Fly Rodding the Flats; Old Salts; Tackle Time: Hooks 101; Offshore Log - Circle Hooks; Cooks Guide: State's Pride; Gulf Coast Closeup: Bubby's Way; Equipment Notebook: How to Make a Crab Trap
Spring 1998
Fantastic Fourchon; South Bay; Chandleur Spring; Choosing a Flats Boat; Tackle Time: Handling Shrimp; Offshore Log: Gulf Snapper Update; Cook's Guide: Italiano Seafood; Gulf Coast Closeup: Florida's Forgotten Coast; Equipment Notebook: Make a Boat Cover; Bait Hook: The Calling
Winter 1998
Super Snapper; Louisiana's Winter Wahoo, Galveston's San Luis Pass; Tampa Bay Comeback; Tackle Time: Don't Dare the Glare; Offshore Log: Pro Tips on Snapper; Cook's Guide; Smoking & Pickling; Gulf Coast Closeup: Seadrift Texas; Equipment Notebook: The Handy Tilt; Baithook: Nautical Literacy
Fall 1997
Matagorda Bays (East & West); Melee in the Marsh (Delta Reds); Galveston Surf; Texas Coastal Bend; Gulf Coast Closeup: Orange Beach, Offshore Log: Pulling the Triggers; Cook's Guide: Hot Fish!
Summer 1997
Dealing With Dolphin, POC's Pringle Lake; Downrigger Kings; Florida Nighttime Tarpon; Gulf Coast Closeup: Calcasieu Guide Jeff Poe- (La. Flyfishing Record Trout); Offshore Log: Offshore Nights; Cook's Guide: International Recipes; Tackle Time; Vision at Sea
Spring 1997
Dixie's April Cobia; Galveton East Bay; Sabines Spring Flatfish; The Sound of Specks; Tackle Time: Fish Saving tool; Offshore Log: The "Endangered" Snapper; Cook's Guide: Go Crabs! Equipment Notebook: Essential Tools
Winter 1997
The Snapper Zone; Trophy Trout Time; Guidance From Above; Grouper/Amberjack; Gulf Coast Closeup: Tampa Bay's Skyway Piers; Offshore Log: The Bertram 31; Cook's Guide: Oyster's to Delight; Rescuing an Old Outboard
Fall 1996
Topwaters in the Laguna Madre; Southwest Pass (reds & kings); Boating Safely; Fishing Discovery (Louisiana floating lodge); Boat Safely; Tackle Time: Stick Baits; Closeup: Galveston Guides Lloyd and Cookie Pepper ; Currents: The Elements of Fishing; Offshore Log: Catamarans; Cook's Guide: Baked Seafood; Equipment Repairs: If It Won't Start
Summer 1996
Go Light; Louisiana's Black Bay; For the Record - (Baffin Bay); Hot Water Trout; Tackle Time: Rigging Light w. Split Shot; Gulf Coast Closeup: Port O'Connor, TX; Offshore Log: Power Trips; Cook's Guide: German Style Seafood; Currents: The Year of the Trout
Spring 1996
Pass a Loutre; Move It!; San Luis Pass, Big Trout Hangout; Combating Motion Sickness; Offshore Log: Basics of Chumming; Closeup: Boca Raton, Florida; Cook's Guide: Flat Fish & Sauces - Part II; Mysteries Unsolved
Winter 1996
Redfish Rules; Boat Basin Basics; Galveston Reds; Offshore Log: The Right Bait; Tackle Time: Make Your Own Rattling Worms; Cook' Guide: Fabulous Flounder; Bait Hook: Fishing Builds Character; Current Events: Fishing with the Tides
Fall 1995
Sabine Fall Flounder; Cook's Guide: Foreign Fish; Gulf Coast Closeup: Rockport, Texas

Summer 1995

Spring 1995

Winter 1995
Galveston's Cold Water Trout; Fishing After Dark; Live Bait Lessons; Cook's Guide: Cooking Light; Closeup: Steinhatchee, Florida's Big Bend; Fuel Filters
Fall 1994
Showtime in the North Gulf; The Waiting Game; Fish Books; Surf's Red (Louisiana); Cook's Guide: Herbs; Closeup: Rockport/ Port Aransas; Tackle Time: Spoon Feeding Saltwater Fish
Summer 1993
South Pass Tarpon; Fishing Weather; Yahoo! for Wahoo; Bay Rigs; Current Events: Research; Cook's Guide: BBQ'd fish; Closeup: Charter Capt. Hal McQueen; Bait Hook: Cooks Fish Too! Tackle Time: The Menace of Mono
Winter 1993
Sabine Lake; Run For the Drum; Wet Your Pants (wadefishing); Current Events: The Role of Tidal Currents in Fishing; Closeup: Venice, Louisiana; Cook's Guide: Seafood Sausage; Trip Spoilers
Spring 1990
Baffin Bay; Island Hopping Mississippi Style; Steve Shook talks about kingfishing; The Cobia are Coming!; Closeup: Port O'Connor, TX; Seaside Camping; Cook's Guide: Four Kinds of Fish; Equipment Notebook: Making a Chugger
Summer 1989
Texas Tarpon, South Padre Wading, Getting More Fish in the Boat; Drum & Noodles ( noodles are a distinct impression drum make on the bottom); Lake Pontchartrain's Trestles; Gulf Coast Closeup: Tampa, FL; Cook's Guide: Cool Cooking; Bait Hook: "When You Gotta Go"
Spring 1987
Boca Grande Tarpon; Picture's Worth a Thousand Words; Passes Boom Upper Coast Fishing; Perdido - Pensacola Bay; Gulf Coast Closeup: Pass Christian; Equipment Notebook: The Little Things
Winter 1987
Galveston Bay; Grouper Madness; Port Aransas' California Hole; Winter Drive To Fishing in Louisiana; Dwindling Wetlands
Spring 1986
Dirty Water Tricks; Flyfishing Saltwater; Galveston Bay Complex - Part II; Party Boat! Blue Water off Sabine Pass; Freighter Kings; Cook's Guide: Seafood for a Healthy Heart
Fall 1984
Panama City's Big Game; Reds on Port Mansfield Flats; Biloxi's Bountiful Back Bays; Freeport's Bluewater Bonanza;
Spring 1984
Grunt and Groan Fishing; It May be a Record; Underwater Rock Formations; Landlocked Saltwater Fishermen; Louisiana Potpourri, Coastal Closeups
Winter 1984
Mississippi Drum, Sidecast Reels, Tides v. Forecast; Lures that Bridge the Gap; Cook's Guide: Inspirations from Louisiana
Fall 1983
A Bay For All Seasons (Redfish Bay -Rockport, TX); Louisiana Red; Galveston Bay Part II - Trinity Bay; The Last Texas Fishing Frontier (Port Mansfield); Dolphin; Cook's Guide: Scallops.
Winter 1981
Build a Better Fishing Rod (Part 1); Drum Run; Texas Redfish get a Break; Taxidermy Tips, Cook's Guide: Bounty of the Sea; Danger Lurks on the Winter Surf

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