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New Lake Boat from
Port Lavaca, Texas

Carolina Electric Boat

Twin Troller X10



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Trying to fish and steer a trolling motor at the same time can be a huge pain. Employing innovative variable-speed foot pedals, the state-of-the-art Twin Troller X10 from Carolina Electric Boats provides hands-free control, superior maneuverability and simplified transportation.

Able to run in as little as 6" of water, the revolutionary craft can go where the fish are. Reaching speeds up to 6 mph, the twin MotorGuide Electric Trolling Motors are recessed to travel over submerged trees, grass and other underwater obstructions without damaging the propellers. The environmentally-friendly electric motors enable fishermen to trawl green lakes. Whisper quiet, they won't scare fish.

With a 0° turn radius, Carolina Electric Boats' Twin Troller X10 can rotate 360° in one location. Its easy-to-operate foot pedals control the motors independently to transition effortlessly between forward and reverse and make 90° turns. Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, the patented Twin Troller propulsion system provides years of trouble-free service.

Fully-loaded, the convenient 10' Twin Troller X10 comes ready to hit the water. It includes a built-in ruler to measure fish, deep self-draining rod trays with reel pockets, portable depth finder holder, beverage holders and outboard motor mount. Comfortable padded swivel seats on custom, adjustable tracks offer simple removal and storage.

Roto-molded in a single piece using advanced Surpass polyethylene resin, the versatile, 48"-wide Twin Troller X10 resists cracks, won't take on water and has a 5-year warranty. The durable material is lighter and tougher than fiberglass, UV-protected to withstand fading and recyclable. A balanced pontoon hull design supplies unmatched stability and is available in green, blue and tan.

The Twin Troller X10 fits two people comfortably and can handle up to 585 lbs. A deep cycle marine battery under the back seat will run the boat for 6-8 hours between charges. Weighing just 175 lbs., the simple-to-transport fishing boat can be easily lifted into the back of any pick-up truck or trailer. It even features a built-in handle.

The streamlined Twin Troller X10 from Carolina Electric Boats has a special introductory retail price of $1,895. The 2009 model will cost around $2,295.

Contact Carolina Electric Boats, 501A South Wall St., Benson, NC 27504. Toll free: 877-882-0099; Fax: 919-207-2522.;

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