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Cell Amplifier Improves
Connection for Nextel Phones


In today's world of wireless technology it should be easy to stay in touch while on the water. Often, dead zones and poor connections result in frustration when calling. Shakespeare Electronic Products Group offers the CA-NEX Dual Band Cellular Amplifier which provides boaters with improved Nextel coverage.

The CA-NEX reduces dropped calls, extends range and enhances clarity. The amplifier uses CyfreTM microprocessor technology and is manufactured under exclusive license from Motorola. This partnership creates an intelligent unit that continually adjusts signal power to keep Nextel cell phones connected. The CA-Series features the only amplifiers available that use Cyfre technology to regulate, receive and transmit power to meet the carrier's exacting standards.

The signal boost provides greater service coverage. It also provides better Internet, video, fax and text messaging connections.

Shakespeare also offers the CA-819 amplifier for all other cellular providers, and a wireless version will be available soon. The company has a variety of cell phone adapter cables, antennas and related accessories.

The CA-NEX from Shakespeare retails for $459.95.

Contact Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 3801 Westmore Dr, Columbia, SC 29223. Phone: 803-227-1590; www. shakespearemarine. com.

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