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Powrtran Jack Plate



lunar phases

To reach maximum flats boat performance, some motors just need that extra lift.


Designed for use on boats that switch from a jet pump back over to a prop, the JP75PSS Powr Jack Plate from PowrTran boosts speed, fuel economy and acceleration.

Available with a high speed electromechanical actuator, the state-of the-art JP75PSS offers a full 7.5" vertical lift from bottom to top in just 12 seconds. With this durable jack plate, boaters no longer have to sacrifice top end speed to get on plane or settle for the stock transom height.

A heavy-duty 6061-T6 extruded aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel hardware comprise its sleek design. Weighing just 55 lbs, it measures only 19-3/4" W x 15" H X 5" D. With less than a 25 amp draw on a 12 volt battery, the JP75PSS delivers 3,500 lbs of thrust. It is rated for a maximum 250 hp motor with a maximum weight of 650 lbs.

The electromechanical actuator is specially built and sealed for harsh marine conditions. Unlike hydraulics, it doesn't create pollution from fluids leaking into water or evaporating into the air.

The innovative PowrTran JP75PSS Powr Jack Plate retails for $875. Contact PowrTran by Janal Distribution Inc. 800-466-7697;

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