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Anglers don't need big boats for nearshore fun...

Mention the words "offshore fishing" and I'll guarantee that 99.9 percent of whoever hears you say that will automatically assume that you are referring to angling anywhere from 30 to 100 miles out. But, that is not always the case when fishermen talk offshore angling. In fact, there are quite a few of us that fish offshore and never get any farther than 10 miles out.

Some of the best nearshore fishing I've ever encountered was out of Sabine Pass. That's where you can find a group of rigs that are no more than a few miles off the beach. Actually they are off the southwest corner of Louisiana...

Hot Weather Flounder by Mike Thompson
Top spots for summer flounder around Mobile, AL

During a typical Gulf Coast summer the weather can make staying out in the glaring heat quite an obstacle. In fact, a lot of anglers start to confine their fishing efforts to early morning or late afternoons. While this tactic can pay off with good success in these short windows, sometimes you have to figure out another way to beat the heat.
A blistering hot Gulf Coast day can challenge even the most dedicated angler. Those who chase the flatfish know that the fish will eat at various times of the day regardless of the heat. Finding places that offer both shade and current will up your chance for success.
Places to Target
Scores of fishermen ply the waters around Dauphin Island and Mobile Bay. During the heat of a Gulf Coast summer, anglers are looking for places to catch fish in comfort. Many of these fishermen have found that big flounder are looking for comfort, too...
Hot water tactics for summer specks

Spotted seatrout, or speckled trout, are one of the most popular saltwater species across the South-eastern United States. However, many anglers believe these fish are hard to catch during the dog days of summer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Speckled trout can be targeted and caught even on the hottest days of summer, but anglers do need to alter their game plan in order to be successful.

Typically, inshore anglers can think of a summer pattern for specks being the same as a winter pattern, only in reverse. During both summer and winter, speckled trout spend the majority of their time in relatively deep water. However, the times they are shallow and deep are different.
From June through September, speckled trout will spend the overnight and lowlight hours on the shallow flats...
Gulf Coast Closeup - by Kyle Tomek
Lake Austin - Fishing off the beaten path

Redfish are notorious inhabitants of the countless lakes that tie into the Intracoastal Waterway. Matagorda, Texas area back lakes such as Crab Lake, Oyster Lake, and Little Boggy Bayou all contain very similar formations of scattered oyster patches, soppy mud, and salt grass shores. As tides funnel schools of baitfish in and out of the estuary, a remarkably large following of redfish tend to hang everywhere from their far reaching shallows to the mouths. One body of water in particular, Lake Austin, is a unique coastal fishing destination that offers itself as an option to anglers that frequent Matagorda Bay.

Lake Austin is not small, but also not large enough to draw much attention from fishing crowds. It is a natural lake that combines the fresh water of Peyton Creek and the salty waters of the northeast edge of East Matagorda Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway. The lake sits north of Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuge. Hawkins Ranch, one of the oldest ranches on the upper Gulf Coast, lies on the north shore of the lake.

Access to Lake Austin is rather primitive. A gravel road lasting ten miles is the only motor vehicle route to reach Lake Austin's village called Chinquapin that contains few cabins and even fewer permanent residents...

This issue in OUR DEPARTMENTS...
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Equipment Notebook - Install a VHF Radio - by David Ayers
The Bay Naturalist - Take a Pass - by John Hook
The Fly Guy - Fishign by the Golden Rule - by Pete Cooper, Jr.
Tackle Time - Fishing High or Low - Which Way to Go? - by Colby Sorrells
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