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Learn to F.L.E.X. for Trophy Fish
Spoon Up Some Reds
Wintertime Biloxi Alternatives
Hiding From the Sun
Closeup: Fishing Legend - Mark Sosin
Paddling Out: Cold Weather Wardrobe
Rod & Reelin': - Flip, Flop, Fly...
EQ Notebook: Bilge Pump Review
Bay Naturalist: Extended Summer
Fly Guy: So, You Want a Tuna...
Tackle Time: There When You Need It
Bait Hook: One Scary Summer!



F.L.E.X. Fishing System by Chester Moore, Jr.
Learn this system for trophy fish...

Big fish fascinate me.

And I do not necessarily mean the giants of the ocean like marlin, sharks and grouper. I am talking about the biggest specimens of any given species that have eluded anglers and grown to maximum proportions.

With fishing pressure being higher and more intelligent than ever thanks to space ace technology and super informative publications like this one, the chances of any fish getting super-sized is tough. There is something encoded within their very DNA that makes them more elusive, responsive to angling pressure and able to grow extra large.

Two years ago I began an exhaustive study of big fish I began to toy with the idea of creating a system for anglers to follow to catch their dream fish. It had to be something anyone could do from a financial perspective and that included the all-important aspect of experience. I never value a fish by its weight or length just as I do not value a whitetail deer by the amount of antlers hanging on its head. I do however know how exciting it is to fight and land a big, elusive fish and the kind of smiles it can produce.

Enter F.L.E.X Fishing...

Spoon Up Some Reds by Robert Sloan
Tips for spoon fishing reds on the flats

There is no way you can talk about spoon fishing for reds without a mention of Rudy "The Plugger" Grigar. He is long gone, but is remembered as one of the best anglers along the Texas Gulf coast, and when it came to catching redfish on spoons he was at the top of his game.

One of the last days I fished with Rudy was when he had a crew boat as a fishing lodge at the Chandeleur Islands. I was fly fishing, he was casting a _ ounce gold spoon. When I finally caught up with him he was dragging a stringer of reds that probably weighed more than he did. He looked up from under a straw hat and grinned.

"Nothing but reds on a gold spoon all day long," he said. He held up a battered spoon. "I wore the paint off this one."

Without a doubt there is no better lure for catching reds than a gold spoon. That's been the case for decades and will continue to be till the end of time, I suppose...

Biloxi's Winter Alternatives by Capt. Robert L. Brodie
Sheepshead and blackdrum offer an alternative in Winter

Here in south Mississippi, well, the months of January, February, and March aren't considered prime fishing months by the majority of masses of fishermen that enjoy angling in these Deep South waters. OK yes, there are always a consistent number of anglers that will pursue the highly-touted speckled trout in coastal rivers and bayous, but over all the numbers of anglers on these waters are down at that time.

Much of the reason is due to colder temperatures and cold fronts consistently pushing down, and it just seems those conditions send many anglers in to the wintertime doldrums. However, there are other fun-filled alternatives besides fishing for the likes of speckled trout, and that includes black drum, a tasty cousin of the redfish, as well as structure-loving sheepshead, another fine eating fish often called "bay snapper".

Inshore Options...

Gulf Coast Closeup - by Vernon Summerlin
Fishing Legend - Mark Sosin

Mark Sosin first came to my attention via a book he wrote with John Clark in 1973, Through the Fish's Eye. It's one of 30 titles in this indefatigable man's career. Sosin's MBA is the basis of his success for growing a business in undeveloped niches. One of those niches was saltwater fly fishing that led to Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal now in its 26th season. It's broadcast on Fox Sports Net, Armed Forces Television and

Most Gulf Coast anglers are familiar with this award-winning writer (more than 3,000 articles), photographer, radio personality and television producer. His impressive list of credits spans almost 50 years in virtually all phases of outdoor communications. Sosin has been enshrined in both the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame and the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

This issue in OUR DEPARTMENTS...
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Rod & Reel'n Offshore - Flip, Flop & Fly - by Patrick Lemire
Equipment Notebook - Bilge Pump Review - by David Ayers
The Bay Naturalist - Extended Summer - by John Hook
The Fly Guy - So, You Want a Tuna... - by Pete Cooper, Jr.
Tackle Time - There When You Need It - by Colby Sorrells
Bait Hook - One Scary Summer! - by Jim Martin
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