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PROP Plate - Security for Your Boat


New PropMate® Protects, Secures Propellers

MARATHON, FLORIDA (USA) - Innovations & Solutions, Inc. (ISI) has introduced PropMate®, a hard, lockable plastic case to protect and secure propellers for most outboards and stern drives from 150 to 300 HP. A built-in handle makes it easy to carry a propeller that has been removed from an engine for repair or storage. The bright orange color helps increase the visibility of a boat in tow.

"PropMate also reduces the risk of injury by covering sharp propeller blades when a boat is out of the water," said ISI President Dan Williams.

The suggested retail price is $49.95.

* Lockable stainless hasp helps deter theft.

* Bright orange color increases visibility while boat is in tow.

* Reduces risk of injury by covering sharp propeller blades.

* Stores a spare propeller on board or elsewhere.

* Protects from road debris which may ding propeller while boat is in tow.

* Built-in nylon handle for easy carrying of propeller.

For more information about PropMate, visit or call 1+305.289.7376.

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