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Universal Wireless Counter

Works with Chain or Rope

Whether anchoring overnight or on a day trip, knowing how much anchor rode is out is essential for peace-of-mind and safety. The BlueNet Chain Counter engineered by Ascend Marine is a wireless microcomputerbased system, comprised of a sensor, transmitter and display, that monitors the length of anchor rode deployed from a vessel. Universal, the system can be used on any size boat, brand of windlass, horizontal or vertical orientation and with chain or rope rode. Simple dimension information is entered into the system on a onetime basis to accommodate all sizes of windlasses.

The solid-state sensor, encapsulated in urethane for complete weather resistance, works in conjunction with a small magnet that is easily installed on the chain wheel or capstan. As the anchor is deployed or retrieved, the sensor senses each time it passes and accurately measures the length of rode leaving or returning to the boat.

Connected to the sensor is the wireless transmitter. The splashproof unit can be installed in any location, including the chain locker, and utilizes a 900 MHz wireless signal that easily penetrates fiberglass and wood to send measurement information to the control head. Measuring 5" x 6.5" x 1.5" for minimal space consumption, the transmitter comes with a 6' cable and can be powered from either a 12 or 24 volt power source.

At the heart of the chain counter system is the BlueNetTM Mobile Control Head. It wirelessly receives the chain or rope information from the transmitter over the BlueNet wireless network and displays it on the backlit monochrome LCD. This wireless transmission eliminates the need to run wires from the sensor location to the control head. The display features large characters and adjustable LED brightness for easy viewing in all types of light conditions. Powered by high- capacity rechargeable batteries, the control head is portable so it can be used anywhere onboard. An included cigarette lighter adapter/charger makes recharging on the go fast and simple.

With a single button joystick control, users can easily navigate the BlueNet graphical interface which allows for customizable use of the chain counter and other BlueNet wireless products. The BlueNet wireless technology uses a specially designed method of hopping across a number of frequencies to resist interference with other onboard devices that might be using a particular frequency. Optional accessories include an AC power-charging adapter and a gooseneck mounting bracket.

The BlueNet Chain Counter and Mobile Display combination has a -suggested retail price of $755 and is available at dealers listed on the Ascend Marine website,, or directly from Ascend Marine.

Contact Ascend Marine Inc., 10441 Dutchtown Road, Knoxville, TN 37932. Phone toll free: 800-923-2817; Fax: 865-671-1001.;

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