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SPRING FLOUNDER by Chester Moore, Jr.
Here's how to head 'em off at the pass.
The basic relationship between flounder and fish passes is widely understood among coastal anglers. Flounder migrate through them into bays in the spring and out toward Gulf spawning grounds in the fall. The bulk of rod and reel pursuit of flounder occurs in and around these passes as the spring and fall "runs" take place.
There is more to this flounder/pass connection than meets the eye however...

Tripletail on the Line by Capt. Robert Brodie
Mississippi Sound's crab trap tripletail.
The summer of 2006 off the Magnolia State's mainland in the Mississippi Sound, as well as Louisiana's Lake Borgne to its east, proved to be one of the most productive tripletail seasons in many years.
On one particular trip, Rob Langlinais and I would reap the rewards of perfect fishing conditions and big tripletail with aggressive appetites. By the time we left Biloxi, MS, and made our way to the launching site on the Louisiana side of the old Highway 90 swing bridge, it was nearing 10 a.m. However, there was no rush because we needed a high sun to deliver the proper conditions for better spotting our surface lingering quarry...
Snapper: Under Attack - by Al Rogers
Offshore captain's lives just got a lot harder.
Three months before the start of the 2006 red snapper season, a 36-foot aluminum Gravois rested in open Gulf waters 25 miles off the southeast Louisiana coast. Capt. Tommy Pellegrin checked his GPS coordinates and knew that 100 feet below there was an obstruction of some kind. He began marking fish on his Lowrance monitors while his son Capt. Eric Pellegrin cut bait and tossed the pieces overboard.
On the fish finders the elder Pellegrin watched a school move upwards through the water column. They started their vertical shift from 75 feet down. Pellegrin soon saw the school had moved into depths of 50 feet. And they continued to move toward the surface.
"Keep chumming," Pellegrin shouted to his son. "They're on their way up."

Gulf Coast Closeup - by Mike Thompson
Mobile Bay's Soft-Shell Crab
As waters warm in early spring, coastal Alabama seafood lovers pull out the gas lanterns and scoop nets to take advantage of Mobile Bay blue crabs molting from their hard shells. At this time of year the soft shelled delicacies can be picked up and frozen, so that enjoying a soft shell Po Boy is as easy as heading to your freezer.
Living on the Gulf Coast definitely has its advantages, especially if you enjoy fishing. Most folks who enjoy fishing also enjoy the great fresh seafood available on the coast, too.
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